The Only Way to Have the Best Fall Season

The best ways to spice up and celebrate the current season

Erica Niehoff

Halloween is right around the corner, meaning that fall is already here and summer is officially over. For some, this may be upsetting, but for many, it is the best time of the year. It is the cozy, fun time of the year with its characteristic food, clothes, movies, and activities. The following list is things that one can do to gain a happy fall vibe even during a global pandemic:

Halloween Shopping!!:

The perfect way to get into the Halloween spirit is ironically going to Spirit Halloween. Everything spooky and scary is there, and it’s great to drive with your friends and try on all the funny costumes and buy cute decorations. Michaels is a great way to also get Halloween decor, for they have really cute decorations of skeletons doing yoga, creepy giant frogs, and so much more! There was also 20% off all Halloween items which was a win. Overall, it’s great to decorate your room, car, or really anything with spooky decorations to celebrate the upcoming holiday. 

Scary/Halloween Entertainment:

Scary games, movies, tv shows, whatever it is, it’s the perfect way to get into the spooky mood. Even if it is as innocent as decorating your animal crossing island for the holiday or even a friendly and relaxing game on “Among Us”. It’s easy to get into the fall spirit. Furthermore, DisneyPlus is the perfect place to find all of your Halloween needs; they have a category set up for the holiday, including Phineas and Ferb Halloween specials, Hocus Pocus, and other classic movies directed by Tim Burton. For example, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great Halloween movie(yes it is in fact a Halloween movie). Aside from childish Halloween movies, some great horror movies include Hereditary and The Shining.


Although it is not exactly a Halloween activity, it’s still a lot of fun finding cute chunky knit sweaters and funny costumes. Click on “ Best Thrift Stores near Mendham “ to find your new favorite shop to visit.

Going to a farm:

A great, fun for the whole family activity to get festive is going to your local farm. Pumpkin and apple picking is the perfect way to have a fun experience, while also getting something out of it. Feeding the farm animals and buying a farm made apple pie make for a great fall season. Corn mazes are as traditional as you can get, and try to get a group of friends together to complete it. It is even fun to split into two teams and see which team can finish first. 


On the topic of pie, who doesn’t love some yummy fall food! From butternut squash soup to pumpkin bread, to classic grilled cheese…autumn food is always the best for those warm, fuzzy feelings. Here is a link to 25 Favorite Fall Comfort Foods.

Antique/Flea Markets:

Sadly with Covid-19, flea markets are being canceled because of the crowds that they bring. However, it is a definite must in future non-COVID years. It has always been something to look forward to during this season, for everything is really cheap, and they sell really cool vintage stuff and slightly off-putting food. It’s great to spend a whole day there watching old people auction off haunted furniture. 


The perfect way to connect with nature, stay in shape, and also have a great time with friends is to hike. A great fall activity is to drive with music blasting, (click here for a Fall Playlist)the windows down, and finding a nice wooded trail. The perfect weather to hike in is during the fall, for the changing colors, and the slightly cooler weather is amazing. After a fall hike, one can be completely convinced that fall is the best season. 

Please try out some of these fall activities in order to have an amazing season with friends and family. Happy fall!