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The Shameful U.S. Exit from Syria

Jordan Larrabee, Global News Editor

February 24, 2020

Ever since Donald Trump impulsively put into action his plan to remove U.S. troops from Kurdish-controlled, northern Syria (a section of the geo-cultural region known as “Kurdistan”), Turkey has taken it as an opportunity...

U.S. Putting in Efforts to Improve School Lunches

Anna Brodhead, Staff Writer

February 18, 2020

U.S. school lunches have never been known to be nutritious or healthy, and they're still missing the mark. An investigation by USA Today found that meat served in U.S. schools wouldn't meet the quality or safety standards...

Getting to Know Democratic Candidate Pete Buttigieg

Jordan Larrabee, Global News Editor

February 13, 2020

Written February 12th. Information may be different To be able to be considered a serious contender in today’s political landscape, one must be able to find ways to differentiate themselves from the rest of the crowd...

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