Gilmore Girls: Emily Gilmore Style Edition


Photo From Entertainment Weekly

Selena Drivas, Staff Writer

The Gilmore Girls show is not known for their fashion, but when it comes down to Emily Gilmore, it is quite the opposite, she represents class, wealth, and elegance. According to Bustle, here are some style tips from Emily Gilmore’s wardrobe. Let’s talk about some multiple ways to achieve Emily Gilmore’s style by following these simple style tips. The first thing to do is to get a classic Chanel look with a tweed suit and strand of pearls, according to Apartment Therapy. Emily Gilmore is always seen wearing oversized glasses during the show which is a great way to make an outfit look bold and achieve one of her looks. 

As far as Emily’s elegant style, her personality may be described as “pushy, haughty, and opinionated. She’s difficult to please, though that’s mostly because she maintains a high standard for everything and everyone in her life, from her family to her maids. Emily can be caring because ultimately she just wants to love her family – she just doesn’t always know the best way to show it. ”, according to Charatour

Fun fact; Kelly Bishop Can’t Understand Why Gilmore Girls Fans Love Emily Gilmore.  “As “awful” as Bishop tried to make Emily, she did pay her character one back-handed compliment: “She is funny . . . if you don’t have to live with her.”, according to VanityFair

You either love or hate Emily Gilmore’s highly opinionated personality in the show, but you have to give her credit  for her fashion style that  screams put together classiness  and elegance and the show won’t be the same without Emily Gilmore.