Grace Kelly & The Hermes Kelly Bag


Photo From Pinterest

Selena Drivas , Staff Writer

The Hermes Kelly bag: a piece of fashion history. Formerly known as the Sac à dépêches, the story behind the bag makes it all the more beautiful. 

Grace Kelly was a classic Hollywood star in the golden age of Hollywood known for her roles in To Catch A Thief, Dial “M” For Murder, and Rear Window, all of which were produced by Alfred Hitchcock. Grace Kelly was first seen wearing the bag when she received it in 1954 to use it in the Hitchcock movie To Catch A Thief, and fell in love with it instantly. According to Grazia Magazine, later on in 1956, she used the purse to cover her baby bump from the paparazzi. Fun fact– “even though the bag was widely known as the Kelly bag since 1956, it actually was not renamed until 1977”, according to Etoile Luxury Vintage

Every Hermès Kelly bag is unique; every bag is hand made by a craftsman. It takes about 25 hours per bag and the Kelly bag has 2600 hand stitches. The record for most expensive Hermès Kelly bag is held by the Hermès 32cm Matte Geranium Porosus Crocodile & Black Togo Leather Sellier Kelly Bag with Feet. It was sold at auction for $ 125,000.

The Hermes Kelly bag will always be a classic and elegant bag, which was brought to the fashion world and made a statement in history by the elegant Hollywood star Grace Kelly.