Artist of the Week- Noor Mostafa

Colleen McMenamin, Staff Writer

            Mendham is home to many talented artists, each week a new one getting the spotlight for Mendham High School’s “The Patriot”. This week, we focus on Noor Mostofa. Mostafa is a senior here at Mendham, who has found a passion for music. After picking up music in the 6th grade, Noor Mostafa has focused mainly on percussion instruments. 

             While Mostofa comes from a musical family, where his mother and sister also play instruments, he owes his inspiration to his drum teacher. He says he remembers going to watch him play in live performances from a young age. Mostofa also finds inspiration for his music from Neil Peart. Peart was a famous drummer in the band ‘Rush’, who Mostofa says is “arguably the best drummer to ever live”. While listening to a variety of musical genres, ranging from classic rock all the way to rap, Mostofa practices playing the beats that he hears on the drums. 

             Currently, Mostofa plays music for enjoyment. He loves to make music with his friends and perform for friends and family. Mostofa is in a band with some friends named “Mark the Line” from who he also draws inspiration, when they are together they create harmonies and beats while experimenting with new musical ideas. In the future, Mostofa plans to continue creating music with his band and performing. As he said, “There is nothing better than looking up at the joy that spans each of our faces when we connect mid-way through a new song… It’s like connecting pieces of the puzzle”. 

               Although it is unsure where exactly Mosotfa will be musically in the future, it is apparent that his talents will continue to be recognized.