Featured Artist: Julia Rohde


Julia Rohde’s most recent painting.

Tavishi Chattopadhyay, Staff Writer

Julia Rohde is a sophomore at West Morris Mendham High School that is involved in Art Club, Art 2, and Creative Writing. The medians that they work in are markers, colored pencils, acrylic paint, and watercolors. They state that they “hate watercolors,” when asked about their least favorite watercolors to work in. Their favorite median to work in are alcohol markers. Their most recent project is a painting that they did for their Art 2 class. The painting is of their original character named Caligo. The painting itself is sort of like a repaint of a painting of the same character that they did in 8th grade, just in a different style. When asked what their inspiration is for their art. They answered joyfully, “Transformers! But mostly, entertainment- like shows- cause I like the storylines!” And in terms of artists that they look up to, they really admire Alex Milne, the primary artist for IDW’s publishing of More Than Meets the Eye by James Roberts. The goal behind their art is “mostly for me, I like to draw what makes me happy. But then I like to share it with people and if it makes them happy then that’s always a good byproduct.” 

Of the school’s art programs, they enjoy the Art Club the most because the students got to be more independent. From the school’s art programs, they learned to use a lot of different medians and mix acrylic paint to get gray. When asked if the school could improve upon anything, they said that the school could focus a bit more on the arts. If you like Transformers or just want to see the majority of their art, their most active account at the moment is @jelly’s.tf.junkyard on Instagram. From there you can find their main account which they state that they will post on again at some point.