Artist of the Week – 10/18/2020


Mendham is home to many talented artists and one not to be overlooked is Courtney Pascoe. Courtney dabbles in almost every medium of art you could imagine. She started off at a young age with arts and crafts her parents gave her, then branched out to paints, crayons, markers, but she especially loved clay. 

Her family was definitely a huge influence in this– her biggest inspiration being her grandmother and great grandmother. Both of them are artists and are passionate about painting. She credits them for encouraging her to be the artist she is today. She says “I have learned many tricks and tips from my grandma. She has always been there to help when I need painting advice. I think of them when I do an art piece or fun color on my mannequin at school.”

Her main focus now is on cosmetology which she practices while working at La Mirage Salon in Chester, NJ, and at the Morris County Tech school where she also attends. She says, “It was about 6 years ago I was at my aunt’s wedding getting my hair and makeup done by these stylists. And I knew right then and there that was another form of art, making people feel good about themselves. That’s when I knew I wanted to do cosmo.” 

Courtney definitely sees cosmetology as a large part of her future. She plans on getting her license, then taking more classes to specialize in color, and really doing anything with this that excites her.