The Comeback of Vintage Fashion Trends


Photo from Pinterest

Selena Drivas , Staff Writer

Vintage fashion is making a comeback as many trends have a retro-chic vibe such as the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s have become a popular trend. Many trends have a vintage accessory to them. Vintage fashion is not only unique, but it is also affordable on a budget. Many thrift, consignment, and vintage boutiques have become popular, whether you just like the vintage style or you buy vintage because it’s more reasonable than buying it new. According to Luxiders, puffy sleeves are back in style. They were very stylish back in the ’80s. Silk scarves have made a comeback as an accessory of color to make your outfit pop. Tartan and plaid, also known as a preppy look, has made a comeback since the 1970s, according to Whowhatwear. Metallic and iridescent prints in anything from a blazer to a purse is high in fashion as it was popular in the ’80s. 

Baguettes bags have become popular in today’s fashion as they were a hit in the ’90s to the 2000s, especially the Prada Nylon Re-Edition style and the Fendi Zucca bag. Mules have become a popular shoe style that was a popular shoe trend in the ’90s. Mules go with almost everything from wearing them with jeans to skirts. According to Southtree,  round sunglasses have become a quite popular accessory that screams the 20’s that are back in style today. White boots have made a comeback from the 70s that brings chic and disco vibes to pair it all together with a colorful mini dress for the white boots to make it pop. Chokers have become a very popular fashion statement from velvet to pearls depending on your look,  they were a hit in the ’90s. Fashion makes you wonder if the fashion of all decades will become more and more popular throughout the years.