An Astrological Resolution to Improve Your Messed-Up Life

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Daniel Hellriegel, Staff Writer

Capricorn – Step out of the box this year. If you’re seeing that things are becoming dull, it is YOUR duty to change things a little more shiny. 

Famous Capricorn: Michelle Obama 

Aquarius – I gotta give you credit, Aquarius. You got all your work done on time, but you’re most likely doing it at the worst possible time in existence. This year, grow some foresight and plan your duties to accomplish your plans more effectively. 

Famous Aquarius: Franklin D. Roosevelt and Daniel Hellriegel

Pisces – Why are you lowkey problematic? Fix yourself and then we can talk in 2021. 

Famous Pisces: Justin Bieber

Aries – Starting a project is a strong suit for Aries. When you have that motivation at the beginning of a project, it can be easy for the ideas to flow. But, once the momentum starts to disperse, oh poor Aries, you just give up. This 2020, finish your projects with a flourish!

Famous Aries: Lady Gaga

Taurus – Comfort is the backbone of the Taurus lifestyle. Nothing beats a hot cocoa at the fireplace for a Taurus. But, we’re growing. This year, make sure you take off the fuzzy blanket and face the elements.

Famous Taurus: Channing Tatum

Gemini – You remember that person that you never texted back? Well, they’re crying now. Heartless much? This year, take the extra step to show that you care.

Famous Gemini: Natalie Portman

Cancer – Your subtlety is painful. Easy way to live through 2020: say what you need to say.  

Famous Cancer: Ariana Grande

Leo – Leos never hold back when they want to treat themselves to an extra piece of chocolate when they “deserve it.” Is it too much though? Take life with a grain of salt.

Famous Leo: David Dobrik

Virgo – Virgos are very dependent on their purpose: it is their driving force in life. But without a purpose, they get lost in the weeds. Find your purpose and then you can turn your motors on.

Famous Virgo: Beyoncé

Libra – Libras are partner people, always searching to find a companion to surf the waves of life together. But, remember that you need to find satisfaction in yourself before you can open yourself up to another person.

Famous Libra: Hugh Jackman 

Scorpio – Scorpios are notorious for falling down *dramatically* and then picking themselves back up again. But, my dear Scorpio, people aren’t going to go out of their way to pick you up after your 20th fall. 

Famous Scorpio: Pablo Picasso

Sagittarius – Morals are one of the driving forces of Sagittarians and their decisions. Don’t get me wrong, you definitely want to be strict with yourself and make sure you’re making the best decisions, but don’t forget the opportunities to loosen your tie and take a well-deserved break this year.

Famous Sagittarius: Tina Turner