Student Here at Mendham High School Involved in Car Crash on Route 10!


Cardie Saunders, Writer

During this past summer, on June 6th, at around 9:00 pm a student here at Mendham High School was involved in a serious car accident between two vehicles. The individual involved in this collision,  Anna Brodhead, who has just begun her senior year. This crash occurred on Route 10, while Brodhead was driving home alone from volleyball practice.

 How did this event even go down? As described by Brodhead, she was on her way down Route 10 when all of a sudden a woman had cut her off and slammed on the brakes. As one can imagine, this did not settle well as Brodhead was unable to brake fast enough resulting in a crash, which ultimately flipped her car into the center of the road. Next thing she knew, Brodhead was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Luckily, Brodhead came out of the crash with only bruises and scratches. Unfortunately, the car was not as lucky. As Brodhead explains, “all the windows were broken, the front of the car caved in.” And as a result, the car was completely totaled. 

This substantial event didn’t just end there. Brodhead has been drastically impacted as a result of this crash. In fact, Brodhead has yet to drive her car on multi-lane roads, such as highways, since the accident and now has more fear when driving her car. However, Brodhead did leave some advice for all drivers, “just try to make sure everything you do is as safe as possible because you can’t control what other people do, but if you stay focused you can help prevent a crash.” Although this is a terrible situation that no one ever wishes to experience, Brodhead’s story can help to keep other young drivers safe.