Dan the Man: Summercamp Superstar


Ren Powers

Camp counselor is the textbook summertime job and many teens have taken on the task of controlling the wild beasts that are 6-12 year old boys and girls. Few do the job with as much enthusiasm as Daniel Hellriegel. As a junior at Mendham High School, Daniel Hellriegel participates in many different kinds of activities, such as directing the musicals and peer leading. When asked about how doing all different kinds of activities helps him with the children, he stated that, a plethora of experiences working with other people were easily applied to working with kids and their varying interests.” Dan’s ability to understand all different types of kids makes him ideal for his job, and his superiors have noticed. It only took working there for two years to be promoted from a regular group counselor to the head counselor in training. The Mendham Day Camp is staffed with fifty counselors and only five are head counselors, but next summer it will be six, now that Dan has completed his training. Not everyone is cut out for the workload of being a head counselor and that’s why there are so few. The tasks include ¨a lot more administrative stuff and things like walking kids who have problems where they need to be.¨ Being one of the most experienced workers, Dan is excited to be returning to camp next year, and so are all of his kids.