‘The Rocky Coasts’ Rock First Gig


Photo Courtesy of Aria H

Anneka Lambert, Staff Writer

The upcoming pop-rock band, ‘The Rocky Coasts,’ kicked off the summer with an exciting and crowd-gathering gig at the Stanhope House in Stanhope, New Jersey. Friends, family, and spectators gathered for the band’s song set of 10 songs on June 20. The band wanted to give the audience a fast-paced and exciting show, and made sure to perform their best songs.

For weeks they had been spreading the word about their first real gig , seeming as though their hard work and advertising paid off. Dozens of people came to hear them play. “Playing for an audience completely changes the energy of a song,” according to lead singer/guitarist Kiril H, “and is so much more fulfilling than practicing, although he deems it necessary”o work through your mistakes and perfect your songs.’” The band practiced almost every day in the summer after this gig, sparking a period of making new music, recording songs, and working on their repetoire. 

As a collective, the band felt incredibly bonded after the gig, appreciating each other not just as ‘homies,’ but as artists. The band is very collaborative, bringing in songs and new ideas from the other talented members of the band. In addition to Kiril, Rhys Heraghty (lead vocals and guitar), TJ Gembala (Bass), and Shaan Dhirmalini (Drums) worked together to form the Rocky Coasts. 

This band is definitely one to pay attention to, so you should make sure to check out their social media and look out for upcoming gigs!