Can You Fly Like a Phoenix?

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Can You Fly Like a Phoenix?

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Located in the heart of North Carolina, and dating back to the late eighteen-hundreds lies a well established and successful college, Elon University, home of the Phoenix. For a school that is noticeably on the smaller side with the undergraduate numbers only reaching 6,045, this school has a lot to offer its students, making it yet another desired school by Mendhams graduates. With countless of academics offered by the school both on campus as well globally, ranking #1 for their masters-level studying abroad program by the Institute of International Education and being in the top 6 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities there are so many opportunities this University has to offer. In addition, to the highly ranked academics, Elon University offers students countless of intermural

Can I get in?
Average GPA: 3.97 weighted
Average ACT: 25-29
Average SAT:
Reading & Writing: 550-640
Math: 550-640

T0tal Enrollment: 6791 students

Fun Facts about Elon:
Elon’s motto is “Numen Lumen” which translates to intellectual and spiritual light.
Although located in the south, Elon is extremely popular amongst the northern population. Majority of their students come from MA, NJ, NY, CT, MD!
If you feel the need to leave campus, the university offers students the option to reserve a toyota prius to drive with.
In January’s brisk weather, several students participate in the traditional “Polar Bear Plunge.” This is when the students jump into Lake Mary Nell in the middle of the freezing winter!
Wanting to escape temperatures below zero? The average winter temperature is 38.7 degrees F!