Class of 2021 Future Plans


This year has been yet another incredibly difficult year for the senior class yet through thick and thin they have persevered. Whether their future plans are at prestigious colleges like Pennsylvania State University, University of Pittsburgh, or Boston College or taking a gap year to discover themselves the class of 2021 has an incredibly bright future. Additionally, Mendham has been home to a number of outstanding athletes looking to continue their game at the collegiate level.

If they can survive this year there is no doubt that they will be able to tackle whatever life throws them later on in life.

We are incredibly proud of the class of 2021 and hope they don’t hesitate to visit or know that West Morris Mendham High School will always be a home for them. We wish them the best wherever they plan to go and hope that their preparations at West Morris Mendham High School have them excited for their futures.

As the year winds down and the summer begins, The Patriot wishes to highlight the promising futures of our senior class and, in addition, those beloved faculty whose presence will be missed dearly in the coming years. Please join us in celebrating these wonderful individuals!

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