Senior Day


Anjali Shah, Staff Writer

Compared to previous years, it would be an understatement to say that school is different for this year’s graduating seniors.

While online school, testing, and new schedules have been an adjustment for everyone, underclassmen will have more opportunities to be completely back in school, celebrating each day with their whole class. Since March 13, 2020, this year’s seniors have not all been in school at the same time. In an attempt to change this and reunite the seniors for the first time this whole school year, the student council and the administration have come up with Senior Day. 

Senior Day is set to take place on April 19, a Monday. The Patriot spoke with Seela Hinrichs, a senior on the student council. Seela overviewed Senior Student Day stating that “[the] administration understands that it’s been a very hard year and that they wanted to do something to bring all the seniors together in the safest way possible. So far, it is set that there will be indoor and possibly outdoor activities run by the teachers. Like last year’s speaker series, the students will be able to choose which activities they want to attend. Activities could range from tie-dying shirts to an ice cream station! Before anything is final, the school wants to ensure that each activity will be completed in a socially distanced manner.” 

As for the rest of the students, Monday, April 19 will be an asynchronous learning day at home. I think most seniors are grateful for the opportunity to be in the building collectively, and cannot wait to see what the teachers have planned!