Can You Pounce Like a Lion?


If you’re looking for roaring crowds filling a stadium in a sea of blue and white with devoted fans for the rest of your life and a bond that ties one classmate to another Penn State University is the college for you. With 31 NCAA division, 1 ranked sports on campus, as well as countless of intramural sports offered to students, there’s no doubt that this school is devoted to their athletics and school spirit. On the other hand, and most importantly the University of Penn State also offers countless of high ranking academics specific for the hundreds of majors the school offers. Having recently been named #6 in the nation for Supply Chain/ Logistics within the Business school, their Vocational/Technical Education ranking #2, Higher Education Administration ranked at #6 it is obvious why this school has been found highly admirable for Mendham students. Overall, the University of Penn State checks off every box an aspiring high school senior seeks for in their college experience. The question now, is if it’s right for you?


Can I get in?

Average GPA: 3.76

Average ACT: 30

Average SAT: 1340

Reading & Writing: 530-630

Math: 560-670


Total Enrollment: 98, 783


Fun Facts:

  1. Penn State’s original colors were pink and black.
  2. The Nittany Lion is the second most photographed landmark in Pennsylvania
  3. The “We are…Penn State” chant was made by the Penn State cheerleaders in the 1970s
  4. 1 out of every 117 Americans with a college degree is a Penn State graduate