Carolina for College?


Carliegh DeCamp, Chloe Williams, and Grace Hassell

The University of South Carolina has been a huge competitor among West Morris Mendham´s senior and junior classes for years now, but most noticeably among the current senior class of 2019.  Known for their academics and beauty the University of South Carolina has many appealing aspects that have gravitated numerous of Mendham students to enroll. Being that USC has been recently named the nation’s Number 1 public university honors, with successful academics such as #1 MBA, #1 undergraduate international business major, and #1 best international experience it is clear why so many students are eager to apply. On the opposite end of academics lies the University’s athletic programs. Having 10 men and 13 women NCAA sports teams on campus, the school spirit and athletic integrity this school has gone above and beyond.


Can I Get In?

Average ACT: 25-30

Average SAT:

Reading and Writing: 560-650

Math: 560-650


Fun Facts about USC:

  1. If you don’t want to go to college for 4 years, USC offers an associates program as well!
  2. USC offers 156 majors as of right now. Their most popular are Medical, Business, Management, Education, Finance and Accounting.
  3. Most of the students that go there, end up loving it. Their student retention rate is at a high 87%!
  4. All four members of Hootie and the Blowfish, with Darius Rucker, all attended USC.