Mendham Fache ~~ A Reflection on the Past Four Seasons


Colleen McMenamin, Staff Writer


As Mendham Field Hockey’s unforgettable 2020 season comes to a close, the seniors reflect on their past four seasons as a team. This class of 2021 field hockey players is special; these girls have been playing together for a long time and devoped a tight-knit bond with one another. Because of the size of this class, being fourteen seniors, they make up most of the varsity team and have been a strong group of players since the beginning.

All athletes can agree, not only field hockey- that even getting the opportunity to play this season is something to be extremely grateful for. During these strange and uncertain times, there was a debate on whether or not athletes would get a season this fall. While interviewed, Coach Meyh said,” This year will always hold a strong place in my memory and heart.  There were really no significant moments this season, as every moment it seemed as though we were writing history! The email from Coach Neff and Mr. Panfile confirming there was going to be a season, I remember how that lifted my spirits and at the same time raised so many concerns… We did it!” Every Mendham athlete, especially the seniors are continually grateful to get this experience.

In order to further know how these girls felt about their Mendham Field Hockey careers, three of the four captains were interviewed. Those interviewed were Megan McIntrye, Emma ‘Bean’ Gonzalez, and Riley Lewhwaite. They all had similar ideas said, most concentrating on the idea of family that Mendham Field Hockey created from the beginning. Favorite memories included “getting hyped up and dancing before games”, and one memory shared by two of the captains was “winning against Wayne Valley in quarter-finals last year during strokes to move onto the semifinals”. Emma ‘Bean’ Gonzalez made sure to mention the impact of “lots of nicknames” showing the tight bond through the team. Bean tallied up the most over the past four years by adopting Bean, Gonzo, Garbanzo Bean, Chickpea, and even passing down Baby Bean to Auriel Gonzalez, her younger sister.

This season was sadly put to an end last Saturday, November 14 in a State Tournament game against Mount Olive. Since only two of the fourteen seniors plan on continuing to play in college, this was many of their last competitive game. Although the game ended in an unfavorable result, the team still played hard and executed their slogan of the year, embroidered on their shooting shirts “Never give up”. 


The game last Saturday does not represent their whole season. Mendham Field Hockey’s 2020 record is 4-8-1 overall, with 28 goals and 12 assists for this season. The incredible offensive push shown in the stats shows the drive these girls had to win and score. Not only was their offense amazing this season, but credit must also be given to their defense. Goalie Karina Miocevich had an incredible 112 saves. More important than wins and losses are the memories made by this team together and the impact on the Mendham Field Hockey Program. Megan Mcintrye touched on this in her interview saying, “This season and past seasons have impacted me by allowing me to build relationships with my teammates.  I grew very close to each member of the team, and I was able to get to know so many people that I would not have been able to if it weren’t for field hockey.”

Although this specific group of girls will not be playing next year “the feeling of family on and off the field, pregame huddle, FSU, warm and fuzzies, stickers” will be forever. MFACHE for life!