Athlete of the Week: Joelle Beck


Lindsay Kupka, Staff Writer

Mendham Swim just began their 2019-20 season on November 11th with a new coach. After going 8-5 last season, the Mendham girls swim team is very excited for the upcoming year! 

Joelle Beck is a returning varsity junior for Mendham Swim for the 2019-20 season. After getting a new coach, the team is super excited for the possibilities of this year’s team. The new coach, Coach Carbonnell, has been having the team do “more rigorous dryland sets to get [the team] back in shape”. Even though the team has been doing very hard work, Joelle says the team is “optimistic” and that they “are all working hard right now to get back into shape […] to pay off with better times” in their meets. Coach Carbonell also had the team read the book called Legacy by James Kerr. Legacy is a book with 15 lessons in leadership, which Kerr takes from a New Zealand international rugby team. Carbonell believes that this will make the team “better leaders and a stronger team”. 

Joelle was one of 4 sophomore girls on the team last year and is looking forward to the team’s first meet after Thanksgiving break. According to Joelle, “Morristown has always been a challenge so it will be interesting”.