Profiles in Gratitude: Mercedes Lombardo and Señora Gil-Botero


Lindsey Ingrey, Julia Niehoff, and Maddie Eisenhart

Senior Mercedes Lombardo would like to thank her sophomore year Spanish teacher, Señora Gil-Botero for being an incredibly kind and impactful teacher.

Señora Gil-Botero adapts her style of teaching to help her students with different learning styles to ensure that they have the same chance at success as their classmates. Lombardo remarks that in addition to being attentive to her students, Gil-Botero is “always ready for class with something new to do.” Lombardo appreciates that her teacher was open to new and exciting lesson plans, like projects that involved listening to pop songs in Spanish. “She’s always open to new things to do with teaching,” Lombardo concludes.

Señora Gil-Botero’s personality makes her class enjoyable. Lombardo explains that Gil-Botero’s class always put her in a good mood because, “she’s really happy, she lives in the moment.” Gil-Botero treats her students well, Lombardo explains that her teacher was able to capture her attention because, “she’s super kind, always thinking about her students.” Not only that, Gil-Botero is, according to Lombardo, “a very strong woman. You can tell when she talks, how she talks to you.” Gil-Botero has influenced her female students to feel empowered and excited about learning.  

Another reason that Señora Gil-Botero is that she genuinely cares about her students. Lombardo recounts that often, “during lunch, sometimes I wouldn’t have anywhere to go or I’m feeling stressed, I would always go to her room and she would help me with my issues if I had something I could always talk to her.” Gil-Botero always made her feel appreciated and cared for, and regularly checked in on Lombardo to make sure that she was having a good day. “It the little things that she would ask or say that would make an impact on me,” Lombardo reminisces fondly.  

As Lombardo leaves high school behind for college, she will take her memories of Señora Gil-Botero and her class with her: “She will always remind me that people do care about me, it’s nice knowing that she cares.” Gil-Botero gave Lombardo a sense of confidence and self-worth, Lombardo explains, “if Señora says I can do it, then I can do it. She’s not going to lie to me.” She will carry that positive outlook with her next fall. The lessons that Lombardo learned in her sophomore year Spanish class will help her, “not just for college but for life.” As for their friendship, Lombardo says, “I hope we can stay in touch.”

For these reasons, the Patriot thanks Señora Gil-Botero on behalf of senior Mercedes Lombardo for her genuine kindness and care for her students, and her enthusiasm for Spanish.

As the school year comes to a close, it is becoming time to say goodbye to the Class of 2019. The Patriot is asking seniors to thank their favorite teachers for making their high school career more enjoyable. If you’re a senior looking to thank one of your teachers, email [email protected].

Photo Courtesy of Mercedes Lombardo