Trump’s State of the Union Address Rescheduled


The Floor of the US House of Representatives, where Trump is slated to give his State of the Union Address.

Lindsey Ingrey, Global and Domestic News Editor

After declining to invite Trump to give the State of the Union Address on January 26th, citing the then on-going government shutdown, Nancy Pelosi has extended an invitation to President Trump. Trump has accepted Pelosi’s invitation and is slated to speak before a joint session of Congress on February 5th.

The road to the State of the Union Adress has not been an easy one. First Pelosi requested that Trump postpone his address or give it in an alternate location, such as the Oval Office due to security concerns as funding for the Secret Service had been cut due to the government shutdown. Trump hit back, canceling Pelosi’s overseas trip, but he ultimately agreed to reschedule.

To watch President Trump’s State of the Union Address, tune into select news channels such as FOX, C-SPAN, and CNN, or stream the Address online.