Baseball For Jamaica

Julia Baggio , Staff Writer

A prime volunteer/service opportunity that will be available for student participation until January 31 is Baseball for Jamaica. I personally heard about this from Mrs.Cara Kober IB-HL/AP English teacher for those of you who are not aware. In a short interview with Mrs. Kober, she talked to me about how this started and how it was brought to her attention. As she says “her brother-in-law, Pip Decker, works down in Jamaica with an energy company and over Thanksgiving dinner, he told her about how he wanted to continue to do charitable work in the area. Decker has talked to multiple families in Kingston and has seen their lack of resources and has teamed up with an organization that wants to provide goods and training for young children in Kingston who want to learn to play baseball.  He often sees young children playing with a broomstick as a bat, a ball of aluminum foil for a ball, etc. So while many are passionate about baseball and watch the sport, there are few skills and fundamental programs that teach baseball because of a lack of finances and resources. He has teamed up with former Red Sox pitcher Justin Masterson (and others) and together they are working on this project. They will fly supplies down and provide training sessions at some of the local schools in the hopes of bringing more resources to the area.” After talking to her both in class and during the interview, Mrs. Kober would really appreciate it if as a student body, we could bring in used bats, balls, and gloves that we no longer use and contribute to such a great cause. As said earlier, you can bring all old supplies you gather from your home into school until January 31 in room 131 at WMMHS. Thank you so much! This will hopefully continue throughout the year but as of right now January 31 is a tentative deadline.