Bringing the past of Vinyl records to 2021


Photo from Pinterest

Selena Drivas, Staff Writer

Collecting records back in the ’50s to the ’70s was the most fun thing to do. Many people would collect their favorite band or artists. Records were the entertainment of the century from the 40s to the 60s when there were no cell phones for entertainment, you had to entertain yourself. According to TheManuel, This year, 2020, marks the first year in more than a generation since record sales — that is to say physical vinyl records — have surpassed CD sales.” 

Records have been entertainment for the past, but they are making a comeback in the younger generation of the millennials and Gen Xers. According to StudyBreaks, “ In the streaming era, vinyl still offers something unique for the music listening experience.” “Today, record players have once again made a comeback, with many youngsters discovering them through pop culture.” “However, the record players used by Gen Z today have a modern twist: Many of them include a USB port to connect to laptops or else feature Bluetooth connectivity so that they can wirelessly connect to phones and stream music through the speakers.” 

According to UnifiedMFG, “Dancing and singing and squealing…just being in love with our vinyl records again. In fact, in 2019, vinyl is poised to outsell CDs for the first time since 1986 according to RIAA.” Records are still fun to collect and listen to music as a hobby, instead of streaming everything on our phones these days. Bringing back vinyl and record players are bringing back the vintage history of the past.