NFL 2021 Mock Draft


Nick Laudano, Sports Editor

1.  Jacksonville Jaguars– Trevor Lawrence 

The Jags are in desperate need of a quarterback and Trevor Lawrence is the best QB prospect maybe ever.  He is flat out awesome and is going to be a home run for the Jags 

2.  New York Jets– Zack Wilson 

The Jets are in a very similar position as the Jags after trading Sam Darnold they need a Quarterback and Wilson checks all of the boxes for the Jets and he fits the system that new head coach Robert Salah wants to put in place. 

3.  San Francisco 49ers– Justin Fields 

The 49ers traded up for this pick and are looking for their franchise QB.  The recent reports have them taking Mac Jones but I think that is a smokescreen. I do not believe that the 49ers are taking Jones as fields is clearly the best quarterback prospect left on the board

4.  Atlanta Falcons– Kyle Pitts 

This pick has been rumored to be traded but with the Niners taking Justin Fields at 3 then I think the teams behind the Falcons back off and the Falcons stay put at 4 and select a top 5 TE prospect ever in Kyle Pitts. 

5.  Cincinnati Bengals– Ja’marr Chase  

Most experts have the Bengals going offensive line here, as it is their clear biggest need.  However, I think the talent of Chase and the connection he has with Burrow from college might be too much for the Bengals to pass up on.   

6.   Miami Dolphins– Penei Sewell 

The Dolphins are in an interesting spot with their current QB Tua Tagovailoa.  He was not fantastic last season, to say the least, but the Dolphins have faith that he could be the guy.  The Dolphins need a tackle to protect Tua who is slightly injury-prone; this pick would certainly help that. 

7.  Detroit Lions– Jaylon Waddle 

The Lions might be the worst team in the league this upcoming season because they are going to have trouble scoring points.  Adding Jaylon waddle would certainly help that.  They lost Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones to free agency so adding Jaylon Waddle would fill that spot in the depth chart. 

8.  Carolina Panthers– New England Patriots– Mac Jones 

Here is where I think the first trade of draft night will take place.  The Patriots need a franchise QB because Cam is not the answer long-term for them.  As for Carolina they want Swell or Waddle and they were both taken so they move back in the first round and gather future picks.  

9.  Denver Broncos– Trey Lance 

The Broncos get what they hope to be their franchise QB.  Drew Lock is not the answer for them and I am not sure if Trey Lance is either.  John Elway has had extreme difficulty drafting quarterbacks and Lance might be able to turn around Elway’s issues.      

10.  Dallas Cowboys– Patrick Surtain

This is the second easiest pick of the draft behind the first pick.  The Cowboys desperately need a cornerback and Surtain is the best one in the draft.  He is a press corner who can travel with the opponent’s best guy and will get physical with them. This is exactly what the Cowboys need to improve their dreadful defense from last season.