Fencing at Mendham


Mendham Fencing team last season in a match against Chatham. Image via Tap Into Chatham.

Ryan Nelson, Staff Writer

Fencing is a sport that is easy to easily overlooked, due to its lack of popularity. However, it’s actually incredibly complex and requires tremendous practice to master. The Mendham fencing team puts many hours into perfecting their craft and deserves much more recognition for their hard work.

There are 3 subgroups within the team itself, each using a different type of weapon with different techniques (Mendham Fencing). Foil uses a 35-inch rectangular blade that is lightweight and flexible, and foil fencers score by touching the tip of their blade to their opponent’s torso or back, from shoulders to waist (USA Fencing). Epee uses a heavier and stiffer blade, and points are scored by touching the tip of the blade to anywhere on the opponent’s body (USA Fencing). Saber, while the sword itself is similar to the epee, involves both using the tip and slashing at anywhere from the opponent’s waist to their head (USA Fencing). This year, the coach for the boys’ team is Mr. Swanson, while the girls’ coach is Mrs. Dumbrill. 

Participating on the team is always such a fun experience,” says Sofia Lombardo, a sophomore on the fencing team. Although the pandemic has cut the fencing season short and eliminated the tournaments the team usually participates in, the team is still bonding and learning together. Both the coach and this year’s captains- Olivia Levey, Parker Abramson, and Maxine Kim- have been working hard to support new fencers and keep morale up despite how different this year’s season has been. 

“Fencing is such a rewarding experience that I look forward to joining every year,” remarks Sofia, who is on the team for her second year. Practices usually involve skills training and practice bouts, and occasional conditioning days with harder workouts. Meets involve light warmups and practice before the bouts begin. JV fencers have a chance to fence on the JV strip, while varsity fencers fence on the varsity. Cheering for and encouraging teammates is a big way the team shows their spirit. Despite all the new difficulties being faced, Mendham’s fencers are continuing to persevere and bond.