“The Sebastian” Swoops School Cafeteria by Storm


Kiril Hadjipetkov

Seba "showin' us what hes got!"

Kiril Hadjipetkov, Staff Writer

Kiril Hadjipetkov
“The Sebastian” hot off the press.


— Sebastian Pereira

If you have ever bought hot lunch in Mendham High School’s cafeteria, you may have seen “The Sebastian” sitting in the hot food cabinet with the regal parallelism to a King basking in his throne. One may ask, how was this piece of art created; this Magnum Opus? Luckily, the answer lies in Mendham’s own student body. “The Sebastian” is the product of senior Sebastian Pereira, lifelong sandwich eater and Visionaire.

To those who may not know, “The Sebastian” consists of ciabatta bread, bacon, breaded chicken, ham, salami, ranch, and barbeque

Kiril Hadjipetkov
Mendham’s fresh sandwich stand, otherwise known as Seba’s sandbox for creation.

sauce. This sacred combination of deli meats, dairy, and condiments is not only Sebastian’s favorite concoction but actually the only thing he eats for lunch while in school. When asked about the origin of the name, Sebastian, or ‘Seba,’ responded with “Funny you mention that. My name is actually Sebastian, so it was created after the element in my name.” While Seba is the father of this creation, the actual construction of the meal is made at the cafeteria’s fresh sandwich station. Due to his lifelong dedication to the station and “The Sebastian,” the school’s lunch team ended up selling prepackaged “Sebastians” for the rest of the school to enjoy over the past year.

When questioned about this, Seba stated “One day it was actually the panini of the day. I repeat, the panini of the day.” While discussing the art of this panini, Junior Justin Beimfohr chimed in, praising the claiming that he “just ate one” prior to the Seba’s interview. Reflecting on his specific choice of ciabatta bread for “The Sebastian,” Seba said that “It’s the only bread that is, like, consistent with dietary supplements… Veganism.” Following this statement, Seba was questioned with why there was a lack of vegetables in the sandwich. He responded with “I was found to have this recipe with the best tastes.” The food stand and cafeteria have affected Seba’s life in a very positive way. “My life would be quite hole-y, like there’s a lot of holes in it.” Lastly, Bebastion wishes to tell everyone to “Join ping-pong club” which is coincidentally hosted by Shane “Coach” Carey. Learn more about him in my previous article on Mendham’s newest teachers of the 2019 school year! Also, be sure to check out some more images from the interview below.

Kiril Hadjipetkov
Seba posing with his Ping-Pong Club leader and math teacher, Shane “Coach” Carey.