‘Bachelorette’ Finale Overview: The Twisted Truth Unfolds


Photo taken by: CRAIG SJODINABC

Corinne LoVecchio, Staff Writer

The Bachelor nation knew it was going to be a rollercoaster of a finale when Chris Harrison opened the show with this statement: “Tonight, we’ll witness great love, incredible trust, and unfortunately, the massive destructive forces of lies and betrayal.”

At the beginning of Tuesday’s episode, bachelorette Hannah Brown was elated as the man who we thought was her true love got down on one knee. Not only did he flatter her with an endearing message, but 25-year-old singer-songwriter Jed Wyatt proposed with a song:

“Time stands still for us / It’s happened more than once / And every time we’re holding hands and dancing in the sun / Baby, time stands still for us.”

Hannah accepted the fairytale proposal, and the Bachelor nation was ecstatic for the new couple. However, fast forward to a few weeks later… things aren’t so much of a fairytale after all. 

Hannah Brown reported having read a People magazine article in which Nashville singer Haley Stevens claimed to have been Jed’s girlfriend until he left for “The Bachelorette” in March. In fact, they even spent the night together before he left to begin filming. Jed reassured Haley that his reasoning for joining the show was to promote his music career and gain a larger following. Unfortunately, however, this statement was strongly disproved as the music was out of the picture and feelings to become heavily involved- and Jed went on to not only break his former lover’s heart but Hannah’s as well. 

Hannah was furious when she read these claims and realized that she gave Jed the benefit of the doubt for a lot of things in which she shouldn’t have let slide. Right after their engagement, he admitted to having been “hanging out” with another woman right before the show aired- but broke it off days before prior to filming. Although she was definitely rubbed the wrong way to hear of this news, Hannah brushed it off given the fact that it did not sound like a serious relationship. Hannah, unfortunately, was mistaken.

¨I don’t know if he understands the depth of how much this hurts me¨ Hannah later stated in response to all that went down. ¨This last week has been the hardest week of me either screaming, or crying, or falling to my knees, not knowing what to do.¨ 

As predicted, no amount of complaining or grieving would help to change or better the situation. Hannah expressed genuine disappointment for how everything turned out and the amount and degree of lying that was involved. During Hannah’s appearance on the live after-show with Chris Harrison, she affirmatively stated that she and Jed were officially done. 

Regardless of her heart being broken, Hannah has confidently reported that the lessons she learned and the excruciating pain she experienced have shaped her into a stronger-willed woman. “I want a husband,” Hannah states. “But I certainly don’t need one.”