Student Shout Outs: Luke Maguire

Jordan Larrabee

High school in the 1960s can be remembered for an intense divide between the social groups of the “jocks” and the “greasers.” This division is driving force behind countless of our favorite songs, movies, and novels set in the time period. Classics such as The Outsiders encapsulate this tension to bring the reader back into the time period.

Mendham Junior Luke Maguire has a certain appreciation for this era. He often finds himself influenced by the youth of the 60s. This led to his decision to write his own version of one of the classics. He authored The War on Grease, a 152-page novel based on a 17-year-old character named Michael James. The book pits the two social groups- the jocks and the greasers- against each other with Michael’s particular interest in a girl he is forbidden from seeing. He is forced to test how far he will go to try to fulfill his desire.

Luke Maguire’s book is available now on Amazon in a paperback print copy, for $15.00.