Artist of The Week: Ryan Bartzak, Photographer


Sometimes photographers go unnoticed in communities. Their pictures sometimes are underappreciated and taken for granted, and they should be appreciated since not many have the talent to take an amazing picture and be able to see the beauty in nature and people. We should not take for granted the pictures that we see on the internet, there is someone behind that picture that could have spent hours making it look even more beautiful. Today we are focusing on a young, talented photographer, Ryan Bartzak a Junior in Mendham High School.

Ryan’s inspiration is nature and its preservation through photography. When asked more specifically he answered, “Nature inspired me because people’s fear of specific animals confuses me because fear can be overridden by understanding.” Ryan started taking pictures around the young age of twelve when he was at a zoo. There, he took pictures of animals and try to take them at the best angle that he could. Now he likes to focus on taking pictures of nature in the woods and in the surrounding areas of his house. He edits some of his work with slight filters and sometimes when he looks back at those pictures. When asked what is his favorite picture, he simply answered: “I don’t really have a favorite picture I guess I would say that I am proud of any photo that piques anyone’s interest.” He primarily focuses his attention on what others would like. Ryan likes to take pictures when he is motivated and when he tries to do something different than everyone else. He never thinks about what pictures he should take, he lets the ideas come to his mind, and then he writes them down. Ryan took a photography class in school which taught him a lot of useful skills. He has a powerful take on what it truly means for a picture to be good: “but I think to take a good picture you just need to have an idea, or just wing it and let your mind run free.” Ryan also mentions that he does not practice photography, he goes out when he feels like it and he also always likes to take pictures at events he is invited to take photos, such as a friendly get together.

Ryan is becoming more comfortable with his skills in taking photographs. He may not practice every day, but when he gets a chance to go outside he does and brings his camera with him. This way he does not miss the chance of getting an idea while being out. Ryan is still critiquing his photography skills and he may continue this in college. He is sure that he wants to keep it at least as a hobby, but he still has time to decide what he wants to do since he is only a junior. However, you can follow his Instagram photography account @ryan_c_bartz try not to miss any of the wonderful pictures he is going to take in the future. Stay tuned to see his photography on a website or in an art gallery!


(Picture credits to Ryan Bartzak)