College Corner: Michigan

Kelly Bierals

University of Michigan


Ann Arbor has become a very popular College spot for Mendham students. The allure of such a historic and prestigious school, that also is home to elite division one sports such as Football and Basketball makes the University of Michigan an ideal college campus.


Can I get in?

Acceptance Rate



Average Test Scores:

SAT Range: 1330-1500

ACT Range: 30-33


Undergraduate Enrollment: 29,800


Fun Facts:

  • According to Michigan campus lore, any couple that kisses under the Engineering Arch at the stroke of midnight is destined to marry.
  • Many students believe it is bad luck to step on a brass “M” in the University of Michigan quad. Legend has it that anyone who steps on this “M” will fail their first blue book exam.
  • In 1927 the school actually used 2 live wolverines as mascots instead of having someone dress up in a suit