College Corner: Penn State


Makenna Castoro, Staff Writer

The blue and white Nittany Lions have already set out their acceptance letters, but Penn State should be kept in mind for prospective Mendham students looking for the perfect college for them. Located so close to home, students could easily commute back to their hometown in case they need anything (like grocery money!). Penn State has more to offer than just its location though, the campus is beautiful and offers students engineering, marketing, business, journalism and many more outstanding majors or specialties. With an acceptance rate of 51%, the overachieving students of mendham would have no problem getting in. If looking for a relatively big school, Penn State is perfect because it has about 45,000 enrolled undergraduate students. The college is commonly known for their Women’s basketball and wrestling, however most students enjoy going to football games as well. The team placed 7th last year in the NCAA, and most take great pride in Penn State sports! When looking at what Penn State students have to say about the experience, the consensus seems to be that it has an overall big atmosphere. They say that there are clubs for almost anything, and if looking for a lot to do with lots of people, the college is a perfect choice. Penn State has so much to offer and could be a great choice for rising seniors!