Oscars 2019 Red Carpet Fashion Review

Julia Niehoff

As someone who either wears leggings or sweatpants every living minute of my life, it seemed obvious that I had the right to judge celebrities who make more money than I could even imagine. So, by (un)popular demand, here is the 2019 fashion review!


Most Likely to be a Ferrero Rocher Wrapper: Danai Gurira

Most Likely to Be a Disco Ball: J-Lo

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Most Likely to have me question, “Is it just me or does this kind of look like a fish?”: Emma Stone

Talk about being a catch!

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Business in the Front, Party in the Back? No, now it’s, business on the bottom, party on the top…: Rachel Weisz 

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Most Likely to be confused with a Loofa: 3-Way-Tie Between Gemma Chan, Linda Cardellini, and Kacey Musgraves

Strongest Resemblance to the Graphic Design on a Water Bottle: Amatus Sami-Karim

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I… I Don’t Understand…: Sarah Paulson

Should Have Worn the Meat Dress: Lady Gaga

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Most in Need of a Step Stool: Lisa Bonet when standing next to Karl Lagerfeld

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What’s the Big Deal? Scottish guys have been wearing skirts to every occasion! (Don’t fact-check that.): Billy Porter

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Shoulder Pads Like Hillary Clinton: Charlize Theron

HRC would be proud.

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Most Likely to Be a Curtain in my Grandma’s House: Maya Rudolph

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“Oh so thats what happened to them!” – My Grandma

Best Suit: Tommy Hilfiger

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Once again, Scottish guys already had plaid locked down!

My Favorite of the Night: Melissa McCarthy and Brian Tyree Henry with a pretty understated look

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My ACTUAL Favorites: Amandla Stenberg, Marina de Tavira, Awkwafina, Letitia Wright

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