Kylie Jenner’s World Record Gets Scrambled


Maria Monaco, Center Editor

We are barely half-way into the first month of 2019 and the internet has already been ‘broken’- this time not by exposed derrières or cleverly shot magazine covers but an egg. Dethroning former world-record holder Kylie Jenner for the most liked image on Instagram, the egg is now the most popular image on the social media platform. On January 4, 2019, anonymous Instagram account under handle @world_record_egg posted the photo of an egg with the caption, “Let’s set the world record together and get the most liked most on Instagram. Beating the current world record held by Kylie Jenner (18 million)!” Certainly never predicting the popularity the post would soon receive, the account was created jokingly- a form of entertainment to cure a brief moment of boredom that transformed into pure genius. The photo, originally shot by Serghei Platanov who posted the humble image to Shutterstock, has gained popularity through a method recognized as a ‘meme campaign.’ The youth culture who seems to have replaced language with memes has the infamous reputation of creating memes for all given situations and proceeding to drive many to viral status. Memes have expanded past the confinements of stereotypical social media topics to encompass literature, education, standardized testing, government policies, and many more contemporary topics. Instagram accounts familiar with the egg began riding the wave of popularity and releasing meme parodies of the post that only heightened its acclaim. Platanov, still in awe of the internet’s ability to rob a world-record from one of society’s most powerful influences, comments that “Egg is just an egg” yet has surpassed reality show star and entrepreneur Kylie Jenner in likes. Jenner who has solely 120 million followers on Instagram has forfeited her title to the egg, who currently has more than 48 million likes. Both the original account, @world_record_egg, as well as the American Egg Board have used the egg’s fame to their advantage. American Egg Board, who has viewed the egg as a confirmation of eggs’ incredibility, is donating millions of eggs to celebrate the Instagram success while the account has branded themselves the Egg Gang- actively campaigning for the egg’s continuous success and even creating merchandise in light of the world record. Despite the growing animosity and inevitable issues in the new year, the internet remains a rare fount of improbable humor and accomplishments where anyone and anything can crack fame- even an egg.