Visions Literary Magazine Gets A Revamp

Caitryn Tronoski, Staff Writer

Visions Literary Magazine is gearing up for another exciting year at Mendham!


Each year, the Literary Magazine serves as a place where creative minds can take flight. Visions is adaptable to the interest of the students, and this year involves some renovation in structure and content. The five main categories are:


  • Music and Lyrics: Students will have a chance to submit their own compositions.
  • Poetry: One of the most popular submission genres in the past, this category will be returning.
  • Theatre and Drama: Submissions can include monologues, scripts, and video performances.
  • Prose: Students will have the opportunity to submit short stories or essays, both fiction or nonfiction.
  • Art: Submissions include photos, paintings, drawings, and cartoons.
The home page of the Visions website. Visions this year will be headed by Ms. Feury’s Creative Writing class.

Each category leaves a lot of leeway for student expression, which is the goal of the literary magazine. “Creativity and art… reaches people’s hearts,” comments Ms. Feury, the magazine advisor. “The spotlight on creativity… expands beyond the classroom”.

In addition to a category revamp, Visions will showcase several new features, such as:


  • “Playlist of the Month”, run out of the Music and Lyrics department
  • “We’re Not Really Strangers,” a storytelling project by junior Aidan Romero
  • Monthly contests, accessible to all categories
  • New project ideas involving fashion and film!

Visions is holding a contest for the month of November that highlights the category of Prose. A different prompt will be announced for each week, with winners announced the following Monday. However, Visions accepts submissions outside of this month’s contest and encourages all students to submit their work to be published on the magazine website! The submission form link can be found on the Literary Magazine website,