The Zodiac of Harry Potter

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Allie Richter , Staff Writer

The world of astrology can help people understand their favorite characters and why they act the way they do. When thinking of Harry Potter and the characters that belong to that universe, it is normal and expected to describe their personalities based on their Hogwarts house traits. To better understand these characters, another great tool is to look at their astrological sign since JK Rowling gave most of these characters official birthdays. Here are all twelve of the zodiac signs and the characters that represent them in the films and books.

The first sign of the zodiac is Aries which is the sign of the Weasley Twins. Fred and George were born on April 1st which could not be more perfect for these pranksters. Aries are bold and confident and are easily bored with life causing them to seek out their own fun which is something these two definitely do through their pranks. The next sign is Taurus which is underrepresented in the film but still has some characters with this sign. Horace Slughorn, born April 28th and Pomona Sprout who was born on May 15th both are Tauruses. Tauruses love the nice things in life and this is seen in Horace Slughorn always wanting to have connections with the best students at Hogwarts and how he threw all of his lavish dinner parties. Pomona isn’t as worried about the lavish things in life and her Taurus side shines through how hardworking she was and how committed she was to support her students. Following Taurus is Gemini. Draco Malfoy was born on June 5th which means he falls under this sign. Geminis are represented by the twins which help symbolize the complex and almost two-sided nature of Geminis. One of the biggest desires of a Gemini is to find their people and feel like they belong. This can be a struggle for Geminis and is seen through Dracos’s trouble wanting to fit in and belong even if it goes against his conscience. This is extremely prevalent with his battle between wanting to be on Voldemort’s side vs doing the right thing. 

Cancers are considered the most maternal sign, being extremely emotional and sensitive. Dobby is a perfect example of a Cancer. Born on June 28th, Dobby cared deeply about the people around him, especially Harry Potter, and made sure to show him how much he loved him. After cancer is Leo. Harry Potter was born on July 31st and it is no surprise that the main character is a Leo. Leos are bold and natural-born leaders which is obviously seen in Harry Potter as he takes on his role of being the chosen one. They are loyal and brave which coincidentally are also the traits of Gryffindor. Another person who perfectly fits their zodiac sign is Hermoine Granger. Hermoine was born on September 19th which makes her a Virgo and she is basically the textbook definition of a Virgo. Virgos are perfectionists, crave knowledge, and are extremely dedicated and hardworking which is seen throughout the series in Hermione’s high expectations for herself. Her Boggart is also the perfect one for a Virgo, failing her exams and not being good enough. 

After Virgo is Libra, which is the sign of Minerva McGonagall(born October 4th). Libras are balanced individuals who like order and justice. Minerva McGonagall was always extremely fair and treated everyone equally and wouldn’t hesitate from taking points from her own house which is very Libra of her. Sirius Black was born November 3rd which makes him a Scorpio. Scorpios are mysterious and dark but are also extremely loving and caring which are all traits that are seen in Sirius especially when he was with Harry. Sagittarians are adventurous and philosophical souls. In the series, Rubeus Hagrid has a birthday on December 6th which makes him a Sagittarius. Hagrid loves all exotic creatures and loves to learn more about them which is a trait that this fire sign is known to have. 

Then comes Capricorn. Lord Voldemort was born December 31st making him a Capricorn. Now don’t worry, if you are a Capricorn that doesn’t mean you are like him. However, Tom does show the dark side of being a Capricorn through his will to do whatever it takes to achieve his goal and how ambitious he was throughout the series. The perfect example of an Aquarius is seen through Luna Lovegood who was born on February 13th. Aquarius is the sign that are dreamers, they are outsiders and are a little odd which is exactly what Luna is like. Lastly, there is Pisces. Ron Weasley, born on March 1st can be quite empathetic and emotional which is one of the biggest traits of a Pisces. Ron cares deeply about his friends and family and can sometimes be seen letting his emotions get the best of him. 

Learning the characters’ zodiac signs in this world can help readers and viewers better understand what makes their characters the way they are and help connect with them more. Hopefully, this helped in doing just that.