The Red Sox Are Back?


James Porter-Delgardo, Staff Writer for Sports

In 2018, the Boston Red Sox won a world series. The season after that, things started going downhill. Their 2019 season wasn’t so bad when they still had Mookie Betts, they won 86 games that season but failed to make the playoffs. The 2020 season was even more disappointing. They went under a .500 win percentage, with an ugly record of 24-36 going 5th in their division. 

After the loss of Sox star Mookie Betts, who has been currently living it up in LA, the Sox were scrambling to find a replacement for the huge hole Betts left when he was traded. No one was there to fill Betts immense role, and that’s why the Red Sox tanked.

Compared to the 2020 season, not a lot of moves have been made heading into this year except for obviously drafting rookies and signing free agents. Roenicke is the coach, Cora still the manager. That seems to be enough change for the Sox. They’ve got their stuff together. This year, as of now, the 2021 Red Sox are on a 9-1 streak with a 9-4 record, holding the second-best record in the Mlb, just behind the Dodgers, 11-2. 

Again, Betts was a huge loss. Last year, the Sox were trying to find how to rearrange the roster to make up for their loss of a superstar. This year, it’s easy to see many players have been stepping up. For example, J.D. Martinez is already starting off to a crazy year, tallying up an outstanding 5 home runs, 16rbis, off of 17 hits. Martinez isn’t the only one showing off at the plate, Center fielder Alex Verdugo and 3rd baseman Rafael Devers both collectively have posted 7hrs and 24 RBIs.

It’s not only the offensive where the Sox are excelling, it’s the defensive side as well, starting pitcher Nick Eovaldi already has two wins, 14 strikeouts, and an Earned Run Average of 2.08.

The whole team is firing on all cylinders, it’s easy to say that with this great form and momentum that Boston is experiencing right now, they could compete for the National League title come playoffs. But compared to last year, and how good of a start the Sox are off to this year, would they be able to go all the way? Do they have enough gas in the tank to stretch this run of form throughout the season?