The Five Teams Most Impacted In College Basketball by the Transfer Portal


Marty Mahoney, Staff Writer for Sports

This year the NCAA passed a new rule that allows transfers in college basketball to not have to sit out a year before playing for another school. Over 2,000 players in college basketball have taken advantage of this new rule and have decided to leave their schools in pursuit of either a bigger role or a better chance to win. Some teams have been able to really take advantage of the portal, while for others, the portal is harming their chances to win. For the college basketball fan who can’t keep up with the incredible number of transfers and is wondering if their team will survive or whether their team’s rival has gotten a lot better, I will be telling you what teams the portal has impacted the most.


This offseason Texas added a new head coach Chris Beard, former Texas Tech head coach, to their team. However, he has not been taking much time to adjust. Texas added Timmy Allen, the former Utah standout who averaged 17 points per game. Timmy Allen was one of the best players in the Pac-12 this year and will undoubtedly have a big impact on Texas. They also added Devin Askew from Kentucky. He just finished his freshman campaign where he struggled to transfer his game to the college level. Askew was a highly rated recruit and has a ton of potential.


Alabama basketball is coming off one of its most successful seasons ever with a trip to the Sweet 16 and an SEC Championship. Alabama continued that moment into the offseason. They added former McDonald’s All-American and Texas Tech player Nimari Burnett. Nimari is coming in with all four years of eligibility remaining, giving him a lot of time to become a great Alabama basketball player. They also added Furman forward Noah Gurley who averaged 15/6/3 this year; he has two years of eligibility remaining.

Texas Tech:

A team that has not done so well this offseason is Texas Tech. Not only did Texas Tech lose their coach, Chris Beard, but they also lost Mac Mcclung, Kyler Edwards, and Micah Peavy to the portal. Those were three of Techs starters, however, it’s not all bad since they were able to land Last Chance U Star K.J. Allen.


Arkansas is another team that performed incredibly well this year for the first time in a while and carried their momentum into the offseason. Arkansas added two great players to the team: Chris Lykes and Stanley Umude. Arkansas has been able to take players in the past and make them great. This year is a great example with Jalen Tate, J.D. Notae, and Justin Smith. Chris Lykes, a fifth-year player from Miami, is small in stature at 5 foot 7, but his game is big time. Over his four years at Miami, he averaged 13 points per game. Stanley Umude, a 6’6 guard from South Dakota, is another big-time player who averaged a whopping 21 points per game this past season.


Maryland made a huge splash in the portal. They were able to get two great players F Russell and Quadas Wahab in. However, it was not all good for the Terrapins, since Maryland also lost their best player, Darryl Morsell, to the portal.