The Key Piece for the New York Yankees


Nick Laudano, Sports Editor

Yesterday the Yankees pitchers and catchers reported for Spring Training.  This is extremely exciting news for Yankee fans.  The Yankees are clear favorites to win the division and the favorites to represent the American League in the World Series.  This baseball season is going to be a strange one just like last year was.  But the one constant is the Yankees are going to deal with injuries.  Going into the season young pitcher Louis Severino is coming off Tommy John surgery and won’t be back until around July.  I believe that Severino is the key piece for the Yankees this season.  They will be fine in the regular season without him, but during the playoffs and specifically the later rounds if they are fortunate enough to get there.  In the playoffs starting pitchers are still the most important part of your team.  The Yankees absolutely need Louis Severino to be himself when he comes back from injury.