Some Nearby Sushi Restaurants – reviewed


Colleen McMenamin, Staff Writer

This is an opinion article piece. Colleen McMenamin is a senior at Mendham who writes for Arts and Entertainment. All opinions expressed in the following editorial are her own and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Patriot.

Some would say that sushi isn’t the best food ever made, however myself, along with many would painfully be forced to disagree with them. This food has absolutely taken the world by storm, especially in the US, where sushi consumption is in the top ten globally. In the early 1900s, sushi was originally introduced to the western world through Japanese migration to the US. From then on, sushi surged in popularity in the west, most prominently in recent decades. Sushi originally gained its popularity in the US once major a-list celebrities and public figures started advertising and eating this food. Once it caught the public eye, sushi popularity skyrocketed- now being a staple food to many Americans. There are nearly 4,000 sushi restaurants across the country, which gross $2 billion dollars each year. Since sushi’s recent western takeover, where can the best nearby be found? 

This global cuisine yes, is tasty regardless, however, it varies based on the quality of ingredients to make sushi go from good to amazing. Types of sushi vary, so obviously, this will be a more biased opinion on which is my favorite, but nonetheless here is my honest review on nearby sushi restaurants.  

  1. Domo 7~ In my hometown of Chester, NJ, this restaurant never really disappoints. I have only been here a few times, but I would like to add that the Sushi here is pretty good. The environment inside the restaurant is your classic Japanese restaurant, with bamboo panels and decor scattered around. A nice plus is they also have boba on the menu here!
  2. Sushi Lounge~ Located in Morristown, NJ, this restaurant completely offers a different vibe than the rest on this list. Sushi Lounge is a bit fancier, making for more of an ‘out to dinner feel’. The interior of this restaurant is mainly themed black and sleek, with minimal decor on the walls. The sushi here is also amazing, with the sushi bar in view to make for an experience while waiting to feast on delicious food. 
  3. Sushi Hana~ While I have been to this particular restaurant the least out of the four on my list, I believe this restaurant deserves the number two-tier spot on my list. This restaurant is very easy to get to and has a location close to a lot of other places, perfect for going to after errands. The sushi here is amazing and the menu offers many unique rolls. 

    my personal favorite two rolls from Monster Sushi!
  4. Monster Sushi~ Not only is this my favorite sushi stop, this is my overall favorite place to eat. The overall atmosphere is amazing. The restaurant is very cozy, surrounded by plants and cute little dino trinkets scattered around the restaurant. Making the environment even better, the sushi chefs are in eyesight to the tables, so you can even watch your food being made. I may be a little biased on this restaurant being number one, due to the fact my parents have been taking my siblings and I here since we were little, however, I do think that Monster Sushi has the best quality of food around along with a comfortable environment to make for a pleasant evening.