Is it more beneficial to work out at night or in the morning?

Ava Flores, Staff writer

Trying to figure out whether the optimal time to work out is during the day or at night?

Working out before breakfast may help the body burn fat more effectively, compared to an evening workout. Besides that, working out in the morning also boosts your metabolism, resulting in you burning calories throughout the day, rather than after an evening workout when you’re sleeping (when metabolism is lower). Working out early in the morning can help to increase your energy level in the afternoon. The human body performs at its best in the mid-afternoon, and studies have shown that an exercise routine in the morning could help to elevate this further! A majority of people claim to not have the motivation in the morning to exercise.

Studies have also shown that the human lungs function at a lower rate in the mornings, as our airways are constricted after sleeping at night which makes getting out of the sleepy state harder. However, if you decide to workout at night you would have more of a tendency to procrastinate working out, due to exhaustion or just laziness from the day.

It’s strongly recommended working out during the morning if you are planning to lose more calories and to start your morning off strong.