Boo! I’ve put a Virus on you

Amelia Payne, Staff Writer

It’s finally spooky season, the leaves are turning red and falling to the ground, and Halloween is just beyond the horizon. Though, those who want to partake in Halloween festivities are in trouble, as covid is still very prevalent in the US. Many Halloween traditions conflict with CDC guidelines. It would seem as though Halloween as a whole is in trouble of being canceled completely. According to, 8,583,900 have had the coronavirus, and 227,399 have died. These statistics are frightening and are sure to rise if large groups of people gather and travel from house to house. 

Halloween events such as “Haunted houses, for one, put an elevated amount of people in poorly ventilated areas that are short on space” Zee Krstic reports. Trick or Treating is under scrutiny as well since it in no way fits the CDC covid guidelines, as well as “Halloween parties or events, like those at schools or community centers”. In neighborhoods with elderly residents, there is a fear of what might spread with parents and children going up to houses and accepting candy. Children with chronic illnesses and weak immune systems are encouraged to stay home, as the coronavirus puts them at high risk. Everywhere in the US, there is the possibility of risking lives by going out and interacting during Halloween. 

Yet, there is hope for those who have been waiting for this holiday all year. There are safe ways to go about celebrating the holiday, such as virtual parties or parties that strictly follow CDC guidelines. Smaller groups can interact, and agreements between neighboring houses can be reached. “Because it’s Halloween I’d say people are quite likely to be wearing a mask anyway so if they can make a face-covering work its way into their costume then even better,” says Dr. Chris Smith, a virologist at the University of Cambridge. Families who are distant from one another can spend the holiday together, and those who enjoy in-person events don’t have to give up traditions as long as they are responsible. Halloween is a holiday cherished by all, why should we give it up?