Lakers win 17th championship, Lebron wins his 4th ring.

James Porter-Delgardo, Sports

Lebron James and Anthony Davis

On Sunday, October 11th, the LA Lakers secured their 17th franchise title in a 4-2 win over the Miami Heat. The Heat fell due to their inexperienced young talent and the Lakers and seasoned veterans. Granted, both teams played exceptionally well, although injuries handicapped the Heat from winning a title.


Game 1 featured the excellence of the Lebron James and Anthony Davis duo as they both combined for 59 points to carry the Lakers to win game one. The Lakers were easily the better team in Game 1 showcasing their offensive and defensive presence and mentality going into the finals and their need for the win. Early in the game, Goran Dragic and Bam Adebayo went out due to injury, this really hindered Miami’s chances of winning this game. Despite Miami have a 23-10 lead in the first quarter, the Lakers soon took the wheel and shattered Miami, 98-116. 


Game 2 consisted of more absolute dominance by the Lakers. Lebron James and Anthony Davis going off again, having a combined 65 points. The Laker’s out the gate were the better team in this win playing great defense and not letting Miami grab a lead at all in the game and winning 114 – 124. 


Game 3 was a decisive win by Miami. They were able to showcase the real talent of that team. Jimmy Butler had absolutely lead Miami to the finish line this game, out assisting, outrebounding, and outscoring Lebron for the first time in NBA Finals history, even though Miami’s shooting wasn’t all that great they still got the job done. Jimmy Butler’s leadership carried Miami to win over the Lakers and put the series at 2-1. 


Game 4 was a dogfight by both teams, with Miami only losing by 6. Defense was almost nonexistent this game since Lebron James and Anthony Davis’s stat-line both added up to 50 points. Down the stretch Anthony Davis hit the game-winning dagger with 37 seconds to go, this put Miami out of the question for tying the series 2-2. The final score was 102-96.  


Game 5 was another must-win game for Miami, and that is precisely what they did. Miami’s outstanding three-point shooting and, Jimmy Butler’s 12 rebounds, 11 assists, and 35 points is just what Miami needed to keep their season alive. Lakers fans were devastated as Shooting guard Danny Green missed the game-winning shot to secure them a championship in the closing seconds.  This miss allowed Miami to win 111 – 108 and make the series 3-2.


Game 6 is when Lakers fans were redeemed from that bitter loss against Miami. Lebron James was able to will the Lakers to their 17th championship as he had 14 rebounds, ten assists, and 28 points. His crazy stat lines throughout this series are what awarded him his 4th finals MVP. The Lakers were finally able to put away the Heat, overwhelming them 106 – 93. 


Despite the Lakers walking away champions, the Miami Heat should not be disregarded for their outstanding season. A 5th seed team that cruised throughout the playoffs, not letting one series go to a game seven, defeating the 1st seeded team in the east in just five games. The team’s sheer talent and the leadership of Jimmy Butler shows that this Miami team will only improve. Both teams have the capability to win more titles in the near future.

Since Lebron has just won his 4th finals MVP, does this mean he is the greatest player of all time?