Is the Patriots Dynasty Over?

James Porter-Delgardo, Freelance

The National Football Conference Wild Card Round game that aired on Saturday between the Tennessee Titans and the New England Patriots shocked the world. The underdogs, the Tennessee Titans handsomely beat the patriots 20 to 13. Ryan Tannehill put on an exceptional performance against Tom Brady

“[Opinion:] Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ stretch of dominance is over””

— Nancy Armour

, outpacing him in only passing touchdowns. This game has created a lot of questions and controversy on the different fixtures and things to happen to the NFL teams for days to come. Although, out of all of the questions that have been asked, one stands out, “Is the New England Patriots dynasty over?”.

The New England Patriots have reigned over the NFL for about all of the 2000s with Tom Brady leading the charge. Since 2001, the world has become accustomed to the New England Patriots dominance. Now after the defeat against the Tennessee Titans, the world is in shock. The title of Nancy Armours’ article states, “[Opinion:] Tom Brady and the New England Patriots’ stretch of dominance is over”. Also, Colin Cowherd from the show, “The Herd with Colin Cowherd” has a video titled “The Patriots Dynasty is Coming to an end”. Other factors come into play when talking about what could be the Patriots’ quick demise. Tom Brady is just heading into free agency. Brady has a good reputation with the Patriots. Although, the season-ending interception that was returned for an interception has put a strain on his reputation.

There is still hope Patriot fans. Tom Brady is not leaving yet. In a postgame press conference he stated, “We just didn’t do enough things right,” and later he announced that he is not going to retire. Also, on the show the NFL countdown the former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss said that “Brady needs more help,” and the former coach Rex Ryan agreed and said the same thing. After the performance the Patriots had all season they will definitely be making changes come preseason. I predict that next year if the Patriots get a better offensive lineup, Brady will have to prove himself and make a comeback to show the world that he is the best quarterback we’ve seen to date. Only time will tell for the New England Patriots.