Terrible Weather Wreaks Havoc in Mendham


Photo taken by Anna Brodhead

Anna Brodhead, Staff Writer

As the temperature drops and the leaves change colors, more extreme weather begins to hit the area. Last week Mendham faced one of the worst storms they’ve seen in a while. It began on Wednesday morning when all the residents woke up to steady rainfall and high winds. The sky was dark grey and didn’t let any light in. The power flickered on and off in the residents’ home as the wind continued to slap the sides of their houses. Driving to school in the morning, students encountered fallen tree branches which in some cases covered the entire street. Trash companies were driving up and down the street trying to pick up any debris causing a blockage. Looking at the fronts of houses people could see Halloween decorations strewn about and plants toppled over. 


Pulling into the school parking lot the cement was covered with dried seed pods and brown leaves which flew off the trees with the high winds. These winds also left the trees naked earlier than expected. Even with all the storming and wind some trees still stood strong and held onto their changing leaves. After the large initial storm, the weather seemed to clear up a bit with a blue sky and no rain. This beauteous state only lasted for a few days like this past weekend the terrible weather returned, this time worse than the last. The rain and wind battered houses all weekend and got so bad that the power went out for almost an hour in Mendham homes. As the forecast for the next few days looks good, residents continue to hope for a peaceful fall.