Students are Gifted with Long Weekend


Kiril Hadjipetkov, Staff Writer

Starting on September twenty-seventh, students were graciously gifted a long weekend that seemed to never end. On the twenty-seventh, which was a friday, teachers had PD, standing for Personal Development meetings, which made the day a half day. Because of this, the entire student body got a kickstart on their weekend (despite some athletics). Thankfully, the weather was beautiful, a clear sky with a high of 64 and a low of 45, making it a perfect Friday to go out to get lunch with friends and enjoy the afternoon. Following that, Mendham Football played Sparta, which definitely showcased the resilience and spirit of the team, ensuring a win at the next game. Saturday and Sunday both also had beautiful weather with the warm afterglow of summer.

“It was nice being able to take my dog out on a walk before it gets cold again””

— Rhys Heraghty

To make things even better, this wasn’t even the end of the weekend. Monday, October 1st was the ending of the Jewish holiday Rosh Hashana, which resulted in yet another day for the weekend. Once again, the weather was warm, and students unanimously enjoyed their day off. To top things off, the Senior grade decided to have their first senior skip day on October 2nd, which made the Tuesday a nice addition to the long weekend for the 2020 Mendham Graduates. Many students took this time off to enjoy time with their friends, family, and surroundings. For example, high school student Rhys Heraghty spent some time on the Monday off taking his dog Molly for a walk on Patriots Path in Mendham. He was enjoying the warmth along with the relaxation that came with some time off from school.