Collapsed Ceiling Caused by Leaking Roof


Trash cans filling up the A floor hallway. Photo taken by Anna Brodhead

Anna Brodhead, Staff Writer

Trash cans, caution cones, and redirected hallway traffic could only mean one thing; it’s the rainy season. With fall upon us and the weather cooling down, it’s no surprise to anyone when Mendham gets more rainstorms than usual. Something that goes hand in hand with these rainstorms is a leaky roof. Walking around the school, especially A floor, trash cans can be seen scattered throughout the hallway, strategically placed to catch any drips. This is an event that happens every year but it seems that this year it has gotten particularly bad. At one of the intersections on A floor, almost the entire hallway is taken up by trash cans and a small dumpster trying to contain the mess. The leak in the roof had gotten so severe that it caused the ceiling tiles to crumble and fall out. Although a temporary solution of a plastic tarp has been put in place, that too has begun to leak. 

Mrs. Manning, a math teacher at Mendham is hopeful that a longterm solution will finally be put in place. “Mr. Ryan told [the teachers] that someone was coming in to fix the roof and seal all the leaks”. She is excited that someone had finally taken the initiative to fix this recurring problem. Mrs. Manning and the students of Mendham High are still awaiting this repair as two days after the expected arrival of a repairman, the mess has yet to be fixed. As the winter and the inevitable snowfalls are upon Mendham it is crucial that any structural problems get solved now, before its too late.