A New Age Of Disney

The reveal that shocked many.

Sixty billion dollars. Sixty billion dollars is how much money Disney made in 2018 alone. By making movie after movie, show after show, Disney has acquired both a large and diverse following by marketing to a non-specific demographic. The announcement of their new streaming program, Disney+, has tested the loyalty of these fans. Will they want to spend money on another streaming service? To get their fans more excited and interested about Disney+, Disney recently released the list of upcoming shows and movies at the San Diego Comic Con and D23 Expo. Disney also released the projects’ new title art. However, most of the title art has received extreme backlash, even from die-hard fans. Most of the controversy is focused on the marvel show and movie title art, and it is clear why. 

The title art actually starts off well, with examples from the upcoming show The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and new movie Eternals. The Eternals logo is simple, yet still catches the eye with its contrasting colors. In this logo, the gold lettering stands out upon the dark blue, “cloud-like” substance beneath it. The logo creates a very ominous feel and ultimately interests one to look further into the movie and its details. Disneys uses previously existing characters in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Disney simply has the task to excite preexisting fans. They achieve this goal with bold, concise lettering and iconography associated with both Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

However, out of fourteen title arts released, those are the only two that are decent. Exemplary of mediocre tile art is Hawkeye, Black Widow, What If…?, and Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings. The only reason that these images are decent is that they are oversimplified. The Hawkeye logo is solely yellow, basic text. There is nothing to entice the view, but nothing overly intriguing about it. Another bland logo, Black Widow, appears as if the designer submitted their draft. It has no shading or highlighting and does not create any visual interest. Nor does it catch the eye when scrolling through shows. What If…? Follows this trend as well with little color diversity. 

The What If…? logo is just a copy of the Marvel logo. Due to this, the image appears as if the artists got lazy and drew what everybody already associated with Marvel, instead of attempting to make a new, iconic design. Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings has nothing wholely special about it. When discussing these title arts, nobody will really mention Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings because it has no outstanding qualities, good or bad. All it is really is big, bold, red lettering with smaller red lettering beneath it all outlined in yellow. Overall, these four title arts will not make any outstanding impressions in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Some of the worst logos include Wanda Vision, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Blade and Thor Love and Thunder. The Wanda Vision logo has boring, thin lettering with an excessive amount of red lens flare obstructing the title. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is a compilation of too many different fonts and overall, a poor job with spacing and sizing. This logo seems to be copying the Stranger Things logo by using almost identical fonts and coloring. Also, the main character’s name would be the focus instead of the subtitles so that someone looking at the logo instantly knows who the movie is about. The title art for Blade is confusing to the eye and is hard to read without excessively focusing on it. The design does not appeal to the viewer and overall is not anything that would stand out in one’s mind. On the other hand, Thor: Love and Thunder will stand out immensely. Its bold coloring is fine by itself, except for the fact that there are several other bold colors highlighted in the logo. Due to the giant lettering, these colors are not complementary to one another. This makes the title art for Thor: Love and Thunder notably outrageous. 

The worst logo is the new and infamous Loki title art. This logo is a mishmash of four different fonts, styles, coloring, and tones. None of the letters work well together and complement one another. The ‘L’ is dark grey and very rigid, while the ‘O’ appears to be a dark, gold embalm of some form. At this point, it would not be terrible, until one looks at the ‘K’. The ‘K’ is a completely different size is, for whatever reason, italicized when no other letters in this logo are. It is also a very light shade of grey and destroys the presence of mystery. The ‘I’ at the very end is the cherry on top. It goes against the metal-shade of the other letters with vibrant emerald green. After following the ‘K’, the ‘I’ goes back to unitalicized. Some of the fan-made logos have proven much better than the official one. This logo is by far the worst due to its lack of continuity and conformity.

Setting a high precedent for themselves prior, Marvel has let down many of their fans with the poor work on their new title art. Could this make their shows less successful on Disney+? Only time will tell.