The Mendham Moshpit


Photo taken and edited by Anna Brodhead

Anna Brodhead and Tommy Diegnan


Flying glowsticks and crazed fans could only mean one thing, The Mendham Moshpit. The mosh, led by Senior Collin Euvino and Junior Sean Coleman along with their “Zoo” of fans,  has brought a new level of enthusiasm to the Mendham stands. It all started as an Instagram account, aiming to rally more school spirit to attend sporting events. Being a small school from an even smaller town, it can be difficult to assemble a large crowd.

Now that the Mendham Moshpit has gained great popularity throughout the Mendham High School Community, it is expected by the student body that on Friday nights, attendance is mandatory for football games if you are in town.  The main priority of the Mendham student body on the weekend is to get loud and rowdy at any and all sporting events that go down. Fall sports are only a few games into the year and the Moshpit has already been able to cave in West Morris Centrals bleachers and help the Minutemen football team put together a fourth-quarter comeback against Morristown. The support, dedication, and overall craze of the Mendham Moshpit is overwhelming. As head coach Mr. Ressler puts it, “it keeps [the players] head [in the game] and makes them so proud to represent Mendham”. 

Bring the Zoo”

The Mosh’s home debut occurred this past Friday at the first home football game of the season. The football team was ready to kickoff against Morristown, so the hopes of scoring the first touchdown of the season were high. The theme was a blue out and the spirit was evident within the student body as a herd of fans, covered in blue body paint and beads, led a coordinated stampede down the hill and into the stands. This statement entrance unique to the Mendham Moshpit is a symbol of unity and intimidation to the opposing school.  The energy was apparent throughout the whole game with fans erupting in cheers as the football team broke through the banner and ran onto the field. By the end of the first half, Mendham was down 21-0. Even while Morristown held a significant lead, The Mosh never let up, always making sure to keep the energy going. About 10 minutes into the third quarter it happened; the first touchdown of the season was scored by Senior wide receiver, Robert Smith. Once Mendham was on the board with some points, the energy coming from the Moshpit was felt by the players on the field who put together a fourth-quarter comeback.   Although Mendham lost in the final minutes of the game, the Moshpit was loud and proud from start to finish and is only just getting started. On Friday night Mendham football is set to kick off at 7 pm at home against Sparta. “Bring the Zoo”.