Profiles in Gratitude: Briana Magro and Miss Viola


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Senior Briana Magro would like to thank her junior year English teacher, Miss Viola. Magro described her experience in Miss. Viola’s class as extremely positive, largely due to her teacher’s dedication and listening abilities.


Magro found Miss Viola’s class to be informative and helpful. Magro explains, “Her class significantly impacted my classmates and I in a positive way. I loved the books that we read in her class, the consistent classroom discussions, the quiet time during writing, and so much more.” Not only does Miss Viola make her class a productive experience, but she also makes sure each of her students are developing the skills they need to succeed. Magro says, “She made me feel important every day and helped me develop better reading and writing skills throughout the whole entire year.”

Magro also appreciated the supportive and welcoming classroom environment that Miss Viola created for her and her fellow classmates. Magro says that during class discussions, “not one student hesitated before raising their hands to ask questions.” Magro thinks that the students in Miss Viola’s English classes have a unique experience because “her students wanted to learn because she made her classroom a safe learning environment for everyone.”

Magro was grateful that Miss Viola always took the time to listen to her and offer helpful advice. Magro explains, “A few times I vented to Miss Viola and afterwards I always felt better. Her advice helped me tremendously but more than anything her willingness to listen and give her undivided attention to her students makes them feel important.” Miss Viola’s commitment to her student’s well-being made her class unforgettable for Magro.

As Magro prepares for her future in college and beyond, she reflects on Miss Viola’s influence on her career: “Teachers like herself inspire me to consider attending college for a double major in English and Secondary Education. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of Miss Viola’s English class. Academically, I would not be where I am today in my English class if it wasn’t for her!”

On behalf of Briana Magro, the Patriot thanks Miss Viola for creating a classroom environment that is both welcoming and inclusive and for taking the time to get to know her students personally and offer them advice.

As the school year comes to a close, it is becoming time to say goodbye to the Class of 2019. The Patriot is asking seniors to thank their favorite teachers for making their high school career more enjoyable. If you’re a senior looking to thank one of your teachers, email [email protected].

Photo Courtesy of Briana Magro.