Audrey Shultz Named One of NJ’s Top Junior Girls Swimmers


Shultz competing in the 100 breaststroke for Mendham against Central at Morristown High School, on January 3rd, 2019.

Lindsey Ingrey

Audrey Shultz, a WMMHS junior and swimmer, was recently nominated by as one of New Jersey’s Top Junior Girl Swimmers. Shultz was described in the article as being a strong all-around swimmer, but particularly fast in the breaststroke and freestyle events.

Shultz began swimming at the age of eight in Pennsylvania and she currently splits her time between the Randolph YMCA (RANY) and Mendham’s swim team. She has swum for RANY for four seasons and is currently a member of RANY’s National Team. She has also been a member of Mendham’s swim team since her freshman year. Shultz specializes in the 100 breaststroke, which she competes in for both RANY and Mendham, saying “that’s my strength, I enjoy doing it, and apparently I have a natural talent for it.” She also swims the 200 IM (individual medley), 400 freestyle, and is an integral part of the 200 medley relay and the 200 freestyle relay.

Coming to the close of her season, Shultz suffered an ongoing knee injury that unfortunately took her out of Meet of Champions, where she and others qualified for the 200 medley relay and 200 free relay, and other big meets for her club team as well. Hoping for a speedy recovery, Shultz is looking to finish her 2018-2019 as strong as she can, anticipating a possible finish at Nationals with her RANY teammates in April. Although she can’t participate in upcoming meets in February and March, Shultz still finds enjoyment in the championship season because “even though these are the meets that count, they’re also the most memorable meets” and she can make memories with her friends, teammates, and coaches.

Shultz has high hopes for her senior year season. Not only will she be a strong swimmer for Mendham girls’ swimming to rely on, but she is hoping to become a leader as well, saying, “I hope to have fun, possibly be captain, but that’s only because I love this team so much that I want to make my season and someone else’s season very memorable. I really want to dedicate myself to something that’s brought me happiness for so long.”

Fortunately for Shultz, swimming is not only something she’s good at, but it provides her with an escape from the chaos of school. “Swim for me is just an outlet to destress because, at the moment, this is the most stressful time of the year for me, so having swimming, the amazing people in the sport and the intense practices, it really helps me let go of that stress and when that hard work pays off, that’s the best feeling.”

The most rewarding aspect of swimming for Shultz is not winning awards or meets, but the friendships she has made on her different teams. Shultz reveals “the greatest reward I’ve received in swimming is the friendships I’ve made because I’ve lived internationally, I’ve lived in a different state, and the only friends I have in those places are from swimming.

Photo Courtesy of Audrey Shultz